How the founders of Airbnb became billionaires

A decade ago a pair of San Francisco roommates decided to make rent money. The rest, as they say, is history.

GoBear hires former Fintonia, chief Adrian Chng as next CEO

SINGAPORE-BASED insurance startup GoBear has hired former Fintonia and chief executive Adrian Chng as its new CEO.

Family-run Royal Insignia aim to target affluent tourists

NOT many people can say that they have a close relationship with their bosses. After all, once the day is done, most employees are happy to leave their work in the workplace unless necessary.

New Millennium & Copthorne CEO gunning for asset-driven growth

Millennium & Copthorne (M&C) will continue its core strategy of owning hotels, says its new group chief executive.

Dad taught Revez boss how to build property portfolio

Mr Victor Neo, chief executive and founder of creative technology provider Revez, is a strong believer in the investment potential of real estate. This is not surprising as he had been...

Shooting for the stars

Sending a Singaporean to space might sound like a pipe dream, but for the past five years Lim Seng has been working to turn this into reality. He tells why he's pressing on despite multiple...

Aurum Land's Michelle Yong had hard time gaining trust from board members

She comes from a family in the construction business, but Aurum Land's Michelle Yong sees beyond tower blocks into building community and connections into her co-working space.

Influenced by tech

Kobe Global Technologies is changing the influencer marketing industry through technology by using artificial intelligence to identify real influence and relevance.

Being your own boss

Anthony Koh started Multicon to break free of constraints that previously restricted him. SMJ Furnishings managing director Rena Ho bought the family business back after the company went public...

Pooches have to stick together in dog-eat-dog world of logistics industry: ST Logistics CEO

EVEN in the dog-eat-dog world of the logistics industry, pooches will sometimes have to stick together.