The Peak Power List 2017: Frank Phuan, Sunseap Group

In 2001, Frank Phuan joined his father’s solar panel manufacturing business, Sunseap Enterprises, as a fresh graduate with a...

How Oliver Tan aims to transform retail with Visenze's AI visual recognition tech

In a scene from Minority Report , AI-powered billboards greet Tom Cruise’s character and pitch products to him as he walks past them. As he enters a clothing store, a bot recalls his...

How Jeffrey Tiong grew Patsnap from patent search tool into a provider of global IP intelligence

A Xiaomi smartphone. A tablet of Berocca. A Chevrolet. Though far removed from one another, they are connected by one thing: an intellectual property navigation system that guides the innovation...

"I'm selling spades in a gold rush": Wong Joo Seng of Spark Systems

Imagine walking into a supermarket. You don’t buy anything and yet are expected to pay 40 per cent of the price for everything you thought of buying, simply for being there. It’s a ludicrous...

The fashionista who can

Pek Lay Peng, founder of SocietyA and director of Shingda Group, is a steely woman who cut her teeth in the male-dominated construction industry before taking on the competitive world of retail...

How Zilingo connects small businesses across South-east Asia to consumers abroad

Zilingo has presented small businesses in South-east Asia with the opportunity to go global; and for consumers, the ability to get products from overseas to your doorstep.

Family pumps fresh blood into home-grown eyewear brand O+

THINK of eyewear, and it's usually foreign names that come to mind, such as Gucci, Oakley or Owndays - depending on your budget. But Elmsley, a local eyewear designer and manufacturer with over 20...

FJ Benjamin sews up new look for profitability

FJ Benjamin Group (FJB) CEO Nash Benjamin kicked off this interview arranged to garner deeper insights into the luxury retailer's future plans, with a song.

Diving instructor braves sea of red for higher cause

Scuba company Asia Dive Academy is still in the red after more than 10 years in business, but chief executive Jacki Ng is unfazed.

Worth the hard work and sweat

Yoga studios are a dime a dozen in Singapore, but that is not stopping Elvina Cheong, 27, from opening one. In fact, since July 2016, she has opened two branches of Freedom Yoga, the first at...


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