Achieving breakthroughs in cancer treatment

CANCER treatment has made great strides over the years, with conventional ways like chemotherapy gradually making way for progressive ones that hold promise of greater effectiveness.

On a mission to tackle food and packaging waste

WHAT does one do with large amounts of food that are still safe for consumption, but end up being thrown away just because they are slightly blemished or nearing their expiry dates?

Ex-private banker goes all out to battle income inequality

DESPITE a wide range of consumer choices in Myanmar these days, there remains a sizeable community in the South-east Asian country that is unable to enjoy what's available to them due to...

Seizing a juicy opportunity

AFTER leaving his decade-long career as an engineer in the semiconductor industry, Bruce Zhang thought about opening a chain of fruit juice stalls after noticing that people were jumping on the...

Digital Transformation is a marathon, not a sprint – here’s why SMEs should keep the pace

Vivek Chatrath, Small, Medium and Corporate Lead at Microsoft Singapore provides further insight into how SMEs can get started on digitalisation, in order to stay on the path to digital...

Sustainability slips in SMEs' priority, but it's key to long-term growth

BEING sustainable may have fallen off small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) list of priorities amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, but it's still as - if not more - important.

Training staff and fighting fire: both vital for survival

FIRMS should not - and perhaps, cannot - see training staff and fighting to stay afloat during the pandemic as an 'either-or' situation, observers have said. This is lest they lose valuable...

Crisis a time to review and fortify

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore need to continuously assess their strategies and operations before government support starts to taper.

Innovate, or exit

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) no longer have the luxury of waiting for the right time to innovate, even as the novel coronavirus pandemic rages, industry watchers have said.

Playing the digital field

THE future of branding and communications is going to look quite different, with the bulk of the experience driven by digital interactions and conversations on closed group platforms and key...