Reeling in fresh ideas from a family tradition

IN 1976, Ang Junting's father set up the family business, Hai Sia Seafood, in a wet market at Mei Ling Street. Every day, the family's stall would sell bucket loads of fresh seafood such as red...

My SME Story Ep 1: Limited Edt

Mandeep Chopra, Limited Edt founder

Japan Foods engineers myriad tastes of home

FOR engineer-turned-entrepreneur Takahashi Kenichi, ramen noodles in a piping-hot bowl of rich, creamy bone broth has always evoked memories of home.

Too many cooks: The heat is on in the catering business

Caterers saw total income dip by 2.8 per cent between 2016 and 2017, to S$939 million, according to data provided by SingStat to BT this month. Over the same period, operating surplus slipped by 4...

Adopt, adapt and improve

Low Cheong Kee, Managing Director, Homefix

Going with the flow of business

STARTING with a single desk in borrowed office space and just one telephone line, Aik Soon Hardware has grown from a general hardware dealer to a specialist distributor of marine and industrial...

The man who sold Thai Express returns

THAI Express co-founder Dellen Soh sold the home-grown restaurant chain to Thai-listed hospitality group Minor International in 2008.

Food delivery pioneer foodpanda says it's no endangered species

THE app-based food delivery space has grown greatly in recent years, with players coming and going, but one constant in Singapore has been foodpanda.

Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit

Plan A used to revolve around landing a secure job in a big company, but more young people are now keener on entrepreneurship, with some even taking the plunge to start their own businesses as...