Enhanzcom, an SME that enhances other SMEs

Next month, the Government's $80 million SMEs Go Digital Programme will be implemented to help more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) digitalise their products, services and processes.

XentiQ: IP and what it means to 'own the product'

Intellectual property (IP) may not be top of the list of priorities for some small and medium-sized enterprises, given the costs of identifying and protecting this intangible form of property. But...

Chalking up more Mileage

FOR over 25 years, Yap Boh Tiong's journey has been filled with ups and downs as an SME owner. What makes it even more remarkable is how he achieved all this without taking any government grants or...

Growing her brands in the Garden City

CYNTHIA Chua creates new businesses the way some people create art and music. "Doing all this is an expression of my creativity," says the founder and chief executive of Spa Esprit Group (SEG), a...

Louken Group: driving SMEs' branding strategies amid "scary" digital change

Louken Group’s Luke Lim has been the driving force behind many of Singapore SMEs’ branding strategies and campaigns.

App for on-demand workers sprung from sisters' F&B manpower woes

Sister duo Rachael and Rebecca Chiu behind local tech company MyWork Global intend to reinvent shift work in the age of digital transformation.

Music school aims to hit the right notes in hiring and data mining

MENTION music lessons and many Singaporeans will have flashbacks of being forced to learn the piano or violin as a child.

Joseph Lau of LAUD Architects: "Don't call me towkay"

LAUD Architects initially took on projects that were either housing or churches, but has since expanded its repertoire to include industrial buildings, educational centres and healthcare...

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Most of us have only heard of big overseas brands when it comes to beauty products, but Karine Estelle Cheong, founder of local skincare range Klarity, intends to change this.

Successor wanted

As On Cheong Jewellery celebrates its 80th anniversary, 30-year veteran Ho Nai Chuen has some urgent unfinished business – finding someone to take over.