Riding the digital Silk Road

CAMELS and horses were commonly used to transport goods across the ancient Silk Road, a lucrative network of trade routes that connected both Europe and Asia.

AI-enabled portal UrbanZoom aims to improve housing market data transparency

TECHPRENEUR Michael Cho believes that the man in the street should have equal access to housing market intelligence as the real estate agent - and for free.

Moving with the times: How Yang Kee Logistics managed succession in its family business

A father-and-son team grew Yang Kee Logistics to a respectable size from its modest beginnings, but the company reached a turning point when the two leaders had different paths in mind.

Managing people problems with technology

HR tech startup Peoplewave was started out of a deep frustration that good employees sometimes become victims of corporate restructures, biased decision-making or have been unfairly treated, says...

AI firm Taiger gives clients more bite in slashing costs

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is being bandied about as the latest buzzword in almost every sector. Singapore-based AI company Taiger is among the few which have managed to turn the technology's...

Meet the men behind Singapore-based private members’ club Straits Clan

After six months of renovations to a building that was once a boutique hotel, private members’ club Straits Clan is about to open its doors.

Bynd Artisan co-founders say working together strengthens their marriage

Other couples may baulk at the idea of working together, but Ms Winnie Chan and Mr James Quan say being business partners has strengthened their marriage.

Cousins aim to create homegrown Singapore brand that can go global

THEY ARE COUSINS IN BLOOD, but brothers by nature. Ever since they were kids, Nelson and Terence Loh did everything together, so it was only natural that when they left their respective investment...

Finding meaning in motivational jewellery

A challenging environment at work - think daily deadlines and long hours - sparked the idea for The Mindful Company, a local firm that makes jewellery etched with motivational messages.

Clothes label a creative outlet and reprieve from busy lives

By day, Ms Ng Ping Ching, Ms Sheralyn Tay and Ms Jassica Lee are busy corporate types holding stressful jobs with tight deadlines and long hours. Ms Ng and Ms Lee work in the banking sector and Ms...