Beauty for the busy

FOR the working woman of today, time is of the essence. Gone are the days of tedious skincare routines - as the Americanism goes: "ain't nobody got time for that".

How Abhit Sud is changing the beauty business industry

If there’s one sport that mirrors Abhit Sud’s ethos in business and life, it is tennis. From the glint in his eye to the quickening in his speech, you can sense the excitement that it still stirs...

How Karen Tan changes the lives of conserved buildings and landmarks in Singapore

Call her sentimental, or a nostalgia junkie, if you like. But Karen Tan, 37, the woman behind The Projector, Singapore’s only art house cinema, sees herself as more of a “pragmatic idealist”.

How Jackson Aw became a niche toy maker for collectors all over the world

Irreverent figurines like “dissected” rabbits with their bones and guts showing, and a skeleton in the lotus pose flashing a rude hand gesture are proudly displayed in the Mighty Jaxx office....

Anna Haotanto on financial literacy among women

Anna Haotanto has big dreams: She wants to empower 100 million women to achieve financial happiness. It sounds like a lofty pursuit, but the 33-year-old former banker-turned-entrepreneur has...

How Vinnie Lauria changed Singapore’s startup scene by celebrating failure and sharing

Venture capitalist Vinnie Lauria makes no bones about why he relocated from San Francisco to Singapore seven years ago. Like his grandparents who moved to the US from Italy, he sensed potential...

Sustenir Agriculture: sustainable farming in Singapore

Built to be completely sealed off from the external environment, Sustenir Agriculture’s high-tech farming facility in the Admiralty industrial estate offers a glimpse of the future for food. The...

Riding the digital Silk Road

CAMELS and horses were commonly used to transport goods across the ancient Silk Road, a lucrative network of trade routes that connected both Europe and Asia.

AI-enabled portal UrbanZoom aims to improve housing market data transparency

TECHPRENEUR Michael Cho believes that the man in the street should have equal access to housing market intelligence as the real estate agent - and for free.

Moving with the times: How Yang Kee Logistics managed succession in its family business

A father-and-son team grew Yang Kee Logistics to a respectable size from its modest beginnings, but the company reached a turning point when the two leaders had different paths in mind.