CYC Custom Shop: tailoring progress to an old trade

A QUICK look into the windows of CYC Custom Shop shows a bright and modern store, but a quaint, old sewing machine that sits proudly in the shop window hints at a longer history.

ToTT and Sia Huat: Homing in on kitchenware

The birth and reach of these brands can be traced back to the business acumen of Mr Tan Choon Boon, 67. Supported by his daughter, Grace, 38, he has succeeded in making many local and overseas...

Kwong Woh Hing sticks to brewing soya sauce the traditional way

In a 6m by 4m sauna-like room in a Defu Industrial Park factory, four men wearing disposable shower caps, masks and aprons are hard at work.

Music buff turns passion into sweet sounds of success

When music executive Mah Chern Wei was a child, every so often, the sweet sounds from his father's vinyl record player would waft through the rooms and weave their magic.

CEO lost a job because his O-level results were too good

He wanted to be a technician but was advised to further studies, and now heads 6 companies.

The Newsmaker: Singapore’s IT guru Sim Wong Hoo gears up for a comeback

SINGAPORE - Sim Wong Hoo is back. And when Singapore’s most elusive technopreneur gets himself back into the limelight, the reason can only be this: a new Creative product is on its way.

Chicken farming not as easy as it looks

CHICKEN meat is one of the cheapest forms of protein in many countries, but in the African country of Rwanda, it is a luxury most people can afford only once a year.

Benjamin Barker's Nelson Yap: Making it in menswear

Despite the cool retail climate, it is still possible for a home-grown brand to thrive and be successful here. In fact, because of the lower rents, local menswear label Benjamin Barker opened two...

Young men in an old man's trade

DESPITE having only two products, The Golden Duck has made quite a splash so far. The gourmet snacks startup came to be just two years ago. Salted egg yolk was a trending wave that everyone wanted...

Founders of Wolf Burgers: Not a lone wolf on the burger scene

Throw a private equity professional, a private banker, a self-taught cook and a musician into a room together and what do you get?