Bike-sharing firm pedals ahead despite challenges

When plans for a government- backed bicycle-sharing scheme were shelved two months ago, Singapore-based oBike decided to continue with its own plans.

Home care for seniors a sunrise industry

Care of the elderly is a booming business as Asia's ageing population grows. Singapore-based Active Global Specialised Caregivers has seen its turnover rising steadily since it started operations...

Debate coach undergrads start education firm, go regional with "global skills" training

AFTER six years of debating, Walter Yeo tried to find work as a debate coach, but was surprised to find the jobs filled by insurance agents and fitness trainers.

EngageRocket aims to bring HR analytics to SMEs

The fast-emerging human resources (HR) technology field is booming, with a market for tools that enable management to gather feedback from staff . Last year, the market for feedback tools was...

Cut from a different cloth: how Sing Lun's third-gen taps talent, tech and innovation

FAMILY-OWNED businesses in Singapore don't usually have a reputation for being cutting edge or innovative, but Sing Lun Holdings CEO and third-generation leader Mark Lee wants to change that.

Phibious honcho Mervyn Cheo: a Singapore ad man taking on big players

At the height of the 2014 Fifa World Cup fever, an advertisement for Coca-Cola featuring a bunch of teens chasing their football around the world...

First the Roost, then the world

The bigger the tree, so the Chinese proverb goes, the more it catches the wind.

Ritual Gym and the business of getting fit

THERE doesn't seem to be any lack of options when it comes to finding a gym to get a workout done these days. Even in land-scarce Singapore, scores of gyms both big and small are opening across...

Teaming up to cut down packaging waste

Microscope maker Leica Instruments and local foam manufacturer Fagerdala Singapore were recently awarded the Most Green Collaboration by the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce for working...

Keeping things clean and clear at Porcelain

WHEN Pauline Ng decided to help her mother revamp her defunct home facial treatment business in 2009, she had no idea that Porcelain, The Face Spa would grow rapidly to encompass its current three...