Rachel Lim, Co-founder, Love, Bonito

AS CO-FOUNDER OF homegrown fashion label Love, Bonito, you would think that Rachel Lim doesn't have a problem that most women face – having nothing to wear despite a full wardrobe.

Emage Vision's automated systems can replace human inspectors

IMAGINE a factory floor devoid of human inspectors, with machines doing all the work instead. That scenario is actually a reality these days for Emage Vision, a company that produces "machine...

Haulio's on a drive to uplift truckers

PLENTY of ideas are floated about smart cities and smart logistics, yet there are those within the container trucking industry who feel the sector remains as inefficient today as it was 20 years...

Former minister bodyguard turned security boss

Leacov founder Simon Ng spent most of his life guarding others, but has now built a company training people in the security field, and doing it quite successfully, too.

Bringing automation to pre-schools

KANGAROOS may soon be hopping into the heartlands armed with sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). At least, that's the kind of future that education technology firm Taidii hopes to realise...

Fishmonger turned coffee shop tycoon sees joy in giving

Mr Winston Chu Chee Keong, 48, is a secondary school dropout and a fishmonger turned coffee shop tycoon.

21st century rat busting is a high tech job

"I CATCH rats,'' says Deanne Baptista, much to the dismay of those who ask what she does for a living.

Interview - Alain Ducasse

ALAIN DUCASSE is synonymous with French fine dining, and has enough gravitas as a chef with 20 Michelin stars to turn the food world's ‘rock stars' such as Rene Redzepi and David Chang into star-...

AI engine Athena is a modern-day teacher

TEACH a man how to fish, and you can feed him for a lifetime. Homegrown artificial intelligence (AI) company Xjera Labs aims to do just that, with the aid of neural networks and deep learning...

Building the high-tech farms of tomorrow

INCORPORATING technology into businesses is often associated with the likes of artificial intelligence and robots.