Networking that works: Lessons from a career in Silicon Valley

Ike Lee, Lee Technology Consulting and adjunct professor in the Department of Strategy and Policy at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School

Sea change in ship management

WHETHER the need was for a comprehensive software system or better-trained crew members, Executive Ship Management's approach was the same: in-house development.

Building on 40 years of experience - and for the future

YOU can say, but do you do; is a question that Rodney Cheong, 49, says guides his approach to running his family's architectural supplies business.

Taking technology out of the lab

SOME firms undertake research and development to develop new products for the market. Others, like genomic medicine company Lucence Diagnostics, originate from the lab themselves.

Gripping vision of the future

A machine sits on a table, framed by four pillars. In front of it are two bins, one with neatly arranged plastic parts, and the other empty. When an engineer starts the machine, a red light...

Spreading their wings after flying career ends

SGSME speaks to four ex-crew members of Singapore Airlines who have started their own businesses or carried on their family businesses after clipping their wings.

Super ways to handle waste

GREEN energy, laundry, and plastic bag production may not seem the most obvious activities for a waste management company. Behind these moves by 800 Super Holdings, however, is the core idea of...

Omni United: Treading in the right direction

"DON'T do the right things for the wrong reasons" is a mantra that entrepreneur Gajendra Singh Sareen lives by.

An ace at crunching numbers

A REGULAR day is hectic enough, but add juggling several businesses to the list. Sounds impossible? Not for Jace Koh, founder of UVentures.


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