Wrist Taker

Who: Mrs Dolores Au, 43, chief executive of restaurant and club lounge VLV and founder of mothers' portal Mummyfique

The watch: Ebel Classic women's Wave two-tone Swiss quartz watch with white mother-of-pearl dial and diamond markers

How much I paid for it: It was a surprise birthday gift from my husband Chris Au and the first watch he bought for me. (The watch retails for $5,900.)

Why I like it: It will always be more special than the other timepieces he has given me because this understated, elegant piece represents our triumph over a challenging period in our lives when we were going through a rough patch with former business partners.

I had not expected a gift, much less this beautiful watch. We could hardly afford to be extravagant during that time and his surprise gesture touched me deeply.

It is a timepiece I will leave to my children, one that represents their father's love for their mother and his promise that no matter what happens, he will always take care of us.

It's classy, timeless and easily matches everything in my wardrobe, so I wear it for most occasions.