There is method to Mitsui's finger-in-every-pie strategy

AN increase in interest in IHH Healthcare for S$2.8 billion, an acquisition of Singapore sugar supplier SIS late last year, and a tie-up with JR East Group to open Japanese restaurant JW360° in...

Online sales break Black Friday record as clicks beat queues

It was the second biggest US online sales day ever, behind 2018 Cyber Monday's US$7.9 billion.

Using automated scanning, video analytics and surveillance robots to boost security

Security clearance at all immigration checkpoints will be fully automated and faster with fingerprint, facial and iris scans introduced by 2025. Experts said one of the biggest benefits of such a...

Shared data platform to cut wasted trips and waiting time

For the logistics sector, artificial intelligence (AI) is the answer to two problems: wasted trips and waiting in line at the container depot.

Steady does it as Singapore finds niche in competitive AI space

It is odd to find Singapore trailing so many economies in formulating a plan for something as crucial as AI, one of the building blocks of a smart nation.

Face scans a must to get new phone number in China

BEIJING • China made it mandatory for telecom operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline outlets starting yesterday, according to the country's information...

Tapping AI to deliver municipal services, detect issues

Residents can enjoy better-maintained estates when sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are used by 2025 to deliver municipal services such as the cleaning of public spaces and...

Singapore's artificial intelligence strategy: Applying AI to help - not replace - people

Human teachers and healthcare workers will still play an important role even though Singapore has embarked on an aggressive plan to use AI technologies in both the education and healthcare sectors...

Protect buyers from misleading ads and offers

It is always good to study promotional offers carefully before placing orders for meals or products (It's time for firms to be upfront in ads, please, Nov 24).

Dyson starts assembling new research teams here

The first group specialising in machine learning, AI and robotics has close to 100 researchers.


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