New DBS online portal to set up a business in one day

SINGAPORE - DBS has launched an online portal to help entrepreneurs set up their business within a day.

Over 8,300 SMEs to benefit from industry-led projects: Spring, IE Singapore

SINGAPORE - More than 8,300 local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are expected to benefit from a slew of projects led by trade associations and chambers (TACs) in the year since May 2016...

Hot stock: China Star Food queried over price surge

SHARES of China Star Food Group rose by some 15 per cent or S$0.016 to a high of S$0.12 on Tuesday morning.

Local start-up, with support from Asian celebrities, wants users to combine desire for luxury items with charity

SINGAPORE - A chance to win a luxury bag while doing good - all with US$1 (S$1.36)? One local start-up says it is possible.

Trade associations, chambers pump up the volume under Lead programme

TRADE associations and chambers (TACs) have ramped up productivity and market access projects under the Local Enterprise and Association Development (Lead) programme.

Vintage fashion is all the rage online

HAVE you ever questioned the authenticity of a luxury good as a gift? More often than not, luxury gifts we receive from loved ones may not be as "real" as we had hoped or assumed them to be.

Banks go digital with services for startups and SMEs

TWO local banks have launched digital services to help startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with their administrative processes, with one bank claiming that it has cut down the process...

China's soaring sharing economy

Like many Chinese today, Shandong native Zhang Feng, 31, is a Beipiao, or Beijing drifter: someone who has moved to the capital, mostly for work.

Logistics sector pooling resources to upgrade, innovate

A centralised, real-time system to track container trucks islandwide would be a boon for the logistics sector - and it could come the Republic's way in two years' time.

Start@SG: Platform for infocomm jobs | New fintech directory | 5 picked for SwissRe accelerator

New career platform for infocomm sector | Singapore fintech firms listed in new directory | 5 start-ups picked for Swiss Re programme


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