Courses change retailers' mindset about e-commerce

How do you say "Open Sesame" to the hidden riches of online retailing?

Singapore skincare brand blends beauty with tech

Nearly a decade after Ms Sabrina Tan started one of Singapore's most successful home-grown skincare companies, the feisty 43-year-old shows no signs of slowing down.

Boom time for Singapore food firms in China market

Singapore food brands are cooking up a storm in China. Local food firms are riding on the Chinese consumer boom, with people becoming more health conscious and increasingly seeking out high-...

In Good Company: CrowdStrike's George Kurtz is in a race against hackers

Sometime in the middle of last year, the office of Mr George Kurtz, chief executive of the cyber-security firm CrowdStrike, took a call from a person who identified himself as a lawyer for the...

Pay with phones at Tanjong Pagar Plaza hawker centre

Instead of fishing out their wallets, patrons of Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre can now use their mobile phones to pay for their meals - the latest move in Singapore's push for a...

For a fast deal, cheque is king

A cheque, not cash, is king if you want the best property deal, says entrepreneur Eric Chiew.

Staff are unpolished diamonds to this firm

Talent management is not about finding only the most brilliant people. Global supply chain logistics company Yang Kee Logistics is all about polishing the diamonds in the rough.

Logistics firm open to mid-career professionals, newbies

Former civil servant and risk analyst Chen Zhirong took a while to find his way to the logistics sector, but eventually landed in global supply chain logistics company Yang Kee Logistics in May...

Decompression sickness likely caused Singapore doctor's death in Bali dive

Dr Wong Yu Yi, 48, was an experienced diver who loved the outdoors and travelled abroad several times a year to pursue her passion of getting a closer look at marine life.

Tanjong Pagar hawkers adopt standardised Nets QR code payment

Customers at the Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre can now pay for meals with a scan of their mobile devices.


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