Taxman taps apps to make filing returns less taxing

IRAS's inaugural Hackathon held in September 2016 saw a total of 19 ideas produced by 24 teams.

Challenges SMEs face in going cashless

Singapore is making a concerted push to go cashless, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cash is still king.

Cash still king for SMEs despite e-payments push

SINGAPORE - After years of a gradual shift to e-payments, talk has intensified over moving to a cashless society. Themes include the need to play catch up with some other countries, the way that...

Less whoop, more whimper from July's bank lending

BANK lending in July reflected a tepid showing in business loans, dashing some hopes of a sustained momentum into the second half, data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) showed on...

Local small businesses zoom in on F1 action

ALTHOUGH the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix from Sept 15 to 17 is a high-profile event of global proportions, about nine in 10 of the firms contracted to ensure its smooth running are homegrown...

Rail corridor to boost S-E Asia-west China trade links

A network of railways linking Chongqing to Guangxi is set to provide a shorter and more direct trade route between western China and South-east Asia.

Singapore, Chinese firms in tie-ups to boost trade

CHONGQING • Two joint-venture companies set up by Singapore and Chinese firms to boost the flow of trade and services between the two countries were officially inaugurated yesterday.

Study to gauge Singapore's fish-farming capacity

An ongoing study to determine how much fish can be sustainably reared in the farms off Singapore's northern coast could have long-lasting implications for the budding aquaculture industry.

Singapore works on rearing fish in closed systems

Most fish in Singapore are reared in net cages submerged in the sea.

Fishing for tech solutions to make feeding a breeze

Fish feed is hardly gourmet grub, but to some fish farmers, the protein-rich pellets could very well be.


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