Rites of passage: A new era at Singapore's oldest funeral service provider

DO NOT call the funeral business an industry. That's Ang Chin Moh CEO Deborah Andres' pet peeve.

"We do not manufacture anything, so we're not an industry. We provide an essential service...

Rites of passage: Professionally run business "with a heart"

Since taking over the business in 2014 from her father, famed undertaker Roland Tay, Jenny Tay has turned Direct Funeral Services (DFS) into a professionally run business "with a heart". And it's...

Why own an office when you can share it?

SKY-HIGH office prices and changing attitudes about flexibility at the workplace are driving the growth of co-working spaces in Hong Kong, say operators of such facilities and real estate analysts...

Singapore-based firm finds room for growth in Hong Kong's co-working space

A WHISKY bar for networking, sleeping pods for naps, and hot desks to zone in on projects.

Ipoh - sleepy foodie stopover wakes up to new potential

SURROUNDED by mountains, lakes and rivers, Ipoh is better known to Singaporeans for its hor fun (stewed flat rice noodles) than as a business hub, unlike bigger Malaysian cities such as Kuala Lumpur...

Self-storage firm Beam, cashes in on vacant industrial space

THE oversupply of industrial space in the market bodes well for Beam Space, says Anna Chew, CEO of the one-year-old warehousing and logistics startup, in a recent interview with The Business Times.

Rites of passage: the evolving business of death

On average, 55 people in Singapore die every day. About 20,000 died in Singapore last year. Unpleasant as it sounds, death is a business, and one that is changing. As attitudes evolve and the...

Taxman taps apps to make filing returns less taxing

IRAS's inaugural Hackathon held in September 2016 saw a total of 19 ideas produced by 24 teams.

Challenges SMEs face in going cashless

Singapore is making a concerted push to go cashless, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cash is still king.

Cash still king for SMEs despite e-payments push

SINGAPORE - After years of a gradual shift to e-payments, talk has intensified over moving to a cashless society. Themes include the need to play catch up with some other countries, the way that...


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