Time will tell if Trendlines has mastered art of early investing

THIS year, as the Trendlines Group celebrates its 10th anniversary - and second year of being a publicly listed company - a big question on investors' mind is: Will its stock trend higher after...

Procter & Gamble to invest US$100m in its first digital innovation centre in Singapore

PROCTER & Gamble (P&G) will invest more than US$100 million over the next five years to set up its first digital innovation centre outside the US in Singapore.

Fostering an entrepreneurial culture to take Singapore into the future

THE push to foster and further develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in Singapore will be given even greater focus in the conceivable future, with the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) having...

With SATS Coolport, New Zealand meats headed for EU can now tranship through Singapore

MEATS from New Zealand destined for the European Union (EU) markets can now transit through Singapore, by means of SATS Coolport, Asia's first on-airport perishable cargo handling centre.

Leading through turbulent times

SMEs should also resist the urge to react to a downturn by putting the brakes on their training and marketing budget, because it can help a business gain a competitive advantage over its...

'Disruption is creation', a mantra for business leaders

INNOVATE or get left behind. Businesses today know it and have seen it happen with their own eyes. From Amazon to Uber and Netflix, we have all seen new or small companies disrupt or vanish within...

5 questions with... Latize

Q What problem is Latize trying to solve?

Japan-based Mistletoe plans to set up start-up centre here

Entrepreneurs from around the region could soon have a "community centre" here for sharing and developing new ideas.

ClipFone firm now a specialist in home systems

Twice in the last 20 years, Astralink Technology, a Singapore company, found itself caught in the crosswinds of technological shifts and economic malaise. Twice, it came close to being a former...

Updated quick takes: Singapore NODX continues to surpass expectations

SINGAPORE'S non-oil domestic exports (NODX) grew for a fifth straight month in March, posting a 16.5 per cent year-on-year jump due to the increase in both electronic and non-electronic exports...


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