Machines to handle half of work tasks by 2025: WEF study

MACHINES and automated software will be handling fully half of all workplace tasks within seven years, a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) forecasts. But the group said that...

Harness tech to add value for customers

In today's digital age, technology projects have become an expected staple in business growth plans.

Look beyond pedigree names that burnish young firms

THE year is 2018 and whether it's shares they're selling or digital tokens, the companies seeking public financing are getting younger and younger.

Tech jobs with soft skills fastest-growing in Singapore: LinkedIn

JOBS in technology that also require management and communication skills are growing the fastest in Singapore, a LinkedIn report revealed.

Building for the future

Buildings of the future must be designed and customised with the needs of end-users in mind.

Banking with the times

Banks are responding to a new platform economy and changing customer demands.

Clear skies for careers in the cloud

CLOUD companies in Singapore are hiring - and in a big way - as the industry reaches for the sky.

In an AI-centric future, skill sets must change

IT IS safe to say - and probably common knowledge - that artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly influence various aspects of our lives and fundamentally change the way we work and live....

Talent crucial in winning the ASEAN game

Q: What do you see are the challenges in getting Singapore companies to venture to ASEAN?

HR should view 'talent' in all its dimensions

IF Singapore's economy in its first 50 years could be described as an age of industrialisation, driven by technical professionals, managers and technocrats, the next half-century will see an age...

Corporates jumping on upskilling bandwagon to leapfrog talent crunch

AN increasing number of corporates are beginning to offer training programmes that look beyond what is required for their own pool of existing employees.