Employees 'best line of defence' to prevent cyber attacks

SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) should not have to spend a large percentage of their budget on cybersecurity, if they take proper care and...

New programme to help non-IT professionals boost digital skills

SINGAPORE - A new suite of training programmes launched on Thursday (July 12) aims to help professionals who do not have an IT background gain digital proficiency skills.

Smarter cities for a smarter world

TRAFFIC congestion, air and noise pollution, or overcrowded public transport. These are just a few of the growing pains of a rapidly urbanising Asia, a region which is expected to be home to 64...

Avoiding repeat of oBike case

Bike-sharing firms that require users to pay a deposit may have to place a bond with the authorities when new regulations for the industry go into effect in October.

Driving an intelligent future with AI

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving from being just a science fiction staple to a tool with real-world impacts. Despite being portrayed negatively in movies - as in the case of...

How companies can battle copycats

How did Yamaha - an unknown upstart in the 1960s - come to dominate the piano-making business, displacing the iconic brand Steinway?

How can profit and purpose be strategically aligned in Singapore's competitive business environment?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How can profit and purpose be strategically aligned in Singapore's competitive business environment?

Degree holders face global competition in hunt for jobs

In many developed societies, including Singapore, young people and their parents hold strongly to the belief that a degree will lead to better job prospects and subsequently afford them a...

Net increase of 7,800 jobs in financial industry in last 2 years: MAS

THE number of net jobs created for Singapore's financial industry is set to exceed the 8,000 target by year end - and the nation is just halfway through its efforts to transform its financial...

Pitfalls to take note of before entering into commercial leases

Beware of the pitfalls when entering into commercial leases.

Newly registered companies (March-April 2018)

A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.