Deals for SMEs at CEE 2019

SMEs are also able to get in on some of the deals offered at CEE 2019, happening this Thursday (23 May).

Strategic innovation starts with consumers: Experts at SME Clinic

COMPANIES need to engage consumers effectively in order to innovate strategically, said speakers at an inaugural SME Clinic last Friday.


Busting myths that discourage SMEs from securing themselves

WHEN it comes to IT security, the largest stories that make the headlines tend to be of larger multinational corporations, or very well-established organisations. However, that doesn't mean that...

Learn how to be a game-changer from the experts themselves

Speakers who will be sharing at the upcoming Business Empowerment seminar give their two cents on a key issue most SMEs face, going regional.

Cybersecurity talent crunch drives SMEs to embrace AI

FOR all of Singapore's technological achievements and innovations, the city state still faces the same talent shortage as the rest of the world when it comes to cyber defence.

Secure connectivity the new growth strategy for SMEs

SINGAPORE'S march towards becoming a Smart Nation remained one of the key themes of Budget 2019, which saw measures introduced to help local firms build deeper digital capabilities and solutions...

Garage takes BT's brand of hard-nosed journalism to startups

THE Business Times is revving up its startup coverage with Garage, a portal that provides news and analysis about the region's booming startup ecosystem.

Empowering the next generation

As Singapore's first-generation entrepreneurs reach retirement, we look at their broad options and the common pitfalls to avoid on the way there.

Step by step on a digital journey

Get some good advice, start with incremental steps, and understand that any setback will only be a lesson in disguise.

Time for collective decision-making on the future of work

PREDICTING the future is a fraught mission. But there is a remarkable conformity of response from people of otherwise vastly different experiences when asked to describe what they feel about the...