Helping SMEs get back on the road to recovery

Financial institutions have a vital role to play in alleviating the pain businesses are feeling, says Joyce Tee, Group Head of SME Banking, DBS Bank.

SMEs must rethink how they chase for payments to survive COVID-19

Singapore SMEs must make urgent changes to the way they chase their customers for payment if they are to survive, says RIABU's Mark Laudi.

Rise of Malaysia’s middle class presents opportunities

With the rise of the middle class, what kind of business opportunities does the consumer industry present to Singapore companies? In this issue of “Businesses in ASEAN”, we zoom in on Malaysia to...

Workplace discrimination: Most complaints dealt with came from whistle-blowers

About 50 per cent of the cases were linked to nationality, while 25 per cent were related to age or gender.

Opportunities arise in Vietnam due to US-China trade war

Changes in the global supply chain have occurred since the US-China trade war began in 2018. Vietnam, which shares land borders with China, has benefitted with significant increase in orders...

Your data, my business: Why data privacy is especially hazardous for startups

HOW do you add contacts into your smartphone? Do you fill in a name and phone number and be done with it?

Why people quit at the start of the year - and how to keep them

DURING the days when I was running a recruitment business, the Chinese New Year (CNY) period used to be the busiest, given the tendency among employees to jump ship at this time.

Dating apps share users' intimate data: consumer group

POPULAR dating apps like Grindr and OkCupid share personal data about users, including their location and sexuality, with about 100 other businesses, a Norwegian consumer group said on Tuesday, as...

Resetting the climate agenda for 2020

MAJOR economies resisted calls for bolder climate commitments at the United Nations summit in Madrid last December, aggravating fears that the world will not act in time to stop rising global...

The costs of a declining population

IN 1937, John Maynard Keynes gave a lecture on "Some Economic Consequences of a Declining Population". Many at the time felt the world was overpopulated and fewer people could only be a good thing...