HR should view 'talent' in all its dimensions

IF Singapore's economy in its first 50 years could be described as an age of industrialisation, driven by technical professionals, managers and technocrats, the next half-century will see an age...

Corporates jumping on upskilling bandwagon to leapfrog talent crunch

AN increasing number of corporates are beginning to offer training programmes that look beyond what is required for their own pool of existing employees.

Ensure integrity as SME bidding rules are made easier

While the easing of rules for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bidding for public projects is to be lauded, caution must be exercised to prevent abuse (...

Going cashless in Asean

THERE is more commerce going around then ever before; more people are trading goods and money is being circulated across borders at an unprecedented rate. With all this activity going on, it's...

Lifting productivity in Singapore's retail, F&B

IN RECENT years, there has been increased recognition among policymakers for the need to build up Singapore's indigenous productive capabilities - especially those of its SMEs.

Need for more secure form of verification

A few months ago, I left a service request with a bank and asked that they call back.

Small firms are not spared from increasing sophistication of cyber threats

WHEN we think of data security in relation to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), many assume that because of the size of their organisation, they only need to deploy mid-level security to...

Are you a bookkeeper or work in data entry? Your job might be at risk

IF you work in admin and data entry, transactions processing or bookkeeping in the accounting industry, your job could be at risk.

Think there's been a productivity boom? Think again

LET'S travel back in time to 1995. Most Americans still remembered the calamitous inflation of the late 1970s (prices rose 13 per cent in 1979). Many federal benefits, including Social Security,...

Finance, fintechs, and the future

Technology is shaping financial jobs and skills; big banks and fintechs will coexist instead of eating up each other