Reinvent rules of the game to beat copycats: Howard Yu

IN a world full of copycats, what can companies do to edge out the competition, and continue to stay at the top?

How Singapore's family-owned SMEs can shoot for the moon

LOCAL small and medium-sized family-run companies with an ageing leadership and concerned about their legacy and the longevity of their business can turn to the moon for inspiration.

Is there room for a fourth telco?

STARHUB'S shock retrenchment of about 10 per cent of its workforce, hot on the heels of Keppel Corp's surprise plan to buy out the rest of M1 shares it does not own, has resurrected concerns over...

Don't rush to become Smart Nation

I agree with Professor Ang Peng Hwa that we should not let smart technology dumb us down ( Smart nation...

Suss it out before you go with the crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not only an alternative source of financing for businesses and other enterprises but it also presents good opportunities for investors willing to try something new.

Mind the blockchain knowledge gap

In recent years, new technologies have disrupted the finance sector's status quo and created a wealth of opportunities worldwide.

Tap the past to innovate for the future, firms urged

FIRST-MOVER companies that are experts in their fields stand a good chance of warding off the threat of newcomers, but they must innovate and stay on top of future trends.

Disruption, technology and opportunity

DISRUPTION is all around us, and innovation is accelerating faster than ever before - especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Facebook, IMDA initiative to give start-ups a leg-up

Selected start-ups in the region can soon benefit from a six-month accelerator programme that Facebook is launching together with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

How to build and scale an online marketplace

THINK about the last time you ordered a meal to be delivered, or a ride home from work. Chances are you used one of the many multi-sided online marketplaces that are transforming our daily lives,...