Young and not so upwardly mobile

IN 2015, the last time any study of its kind was published, the Finance Ministry looked at incomes of those born from 1978-1982 (aged 37-41 this year) and concluded that inter-generational income...

Cathay Financial, Indovina Bank, Finaxar tie-up to improve SME financing in Vietnam

VIETNAM’S small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can now access up to 500 million dong (S$29,220) in funds online, under a new cross-border partnership to improve access to SME financing.

Over two-thirds of Asia-Pac firms lack understanding of blockchain solutions: EY poll

WHEN it comes to blockchain solutions, over two-thirds or 68 per cent of Asia-Pacific companies lack understanding and education on its application, according to a Ernst & Young (EY) poll.

Five things businesses need to do to protect themselves against online security threats

CYBER security threats are not only growing in number, but they are also becoming more sophisticated.

Scale-up SG to groom promising local firms to be world powerhouses

A NEW initiative to turbo-charge the growth of promising local enterprises to become international names was launched on Wednesday, as part of the government's efforts to grow more companies that...

Customise, mentor, engage to capture millennials' interest

PARTICIPANTS at a seminar which set out to put a finger on millennial customers and colleagues concluded that this demographic is a diverse group that defies pigeon-holing.

Over 4,000 SMEs tap scheme to digitalise businesses

More than 4,000 fledgling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have tapped the Start Digital scheme to digitalise their businesses since the programme was launched in January.

7 steps for SMEs looking to embark on digital transformation

Small and medium enterprises across Southeast Asia are looking to invest in digital technologies within the next three years as the key enabler to drive new business propositions and user...

oCap taps AI, machine learning to offer short-term loans to SMEs

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will soon have a new financing option that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Businesses can find part-time staff 'in three hours' with manpower firm's app

SINGAPORE - Staff shortages can be a constant bind for businesses in the food and beverage (F&B), retail and cleaning sectors.