What SMEs can do to cope with rising office rents

Office rents are increasing, and here are some strategies that SMEs can adopt to be ready for this.

Engaging SMEs on sustainability

SMEs are at risk when they decide to shelf the sustainability discussion.

Newly registered companies (March-April 2018)

A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.

Pitfalls to take note of before entering into commercial leases

Beware of the pitfalls when entering into commercial leases.

Bicycle-sharing: End of the road?

Last January, the Chinese-founded company oBike started rolling out its services in Singapore, discreetly setting down its two-wheelers in the...

The mismatch between modern business contexts and human nature

AN interesting phenomenon that pervades all areas of life may underlie many problems that we encounter in the modern world as humans and in organisations. In this article, I introduce the concept...

The costs of going cashless

LAST week, the government said it is targeting Singapore to be cheque-free by 2025 as part of the country's cashless push. It also said that from August onwards, companies and government agencies...

Higher turnover expected in finance sector due to higher pay, more senior posts

DESPITE measures put in place by 99 per cent of companies in Singapore to avoid staff turnover, an increased number of people in the finance...

How the gig economy can help alleviate S'pore's talent crunch

THE growth of homegrown small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups is a trend that will only stoke the local economy and ignite the talent pool.

Canon’s Document Management System: The Power of Less

The waters of the eight-lane Olympic-sized recreation pool at the Singapore Swimming Club are glistening and undisturbed like the surface of a...