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THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How might Singapore companies combat rising economic nationalist tendencies when seeking to expand abroad?

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Now back to corporate life, Tan believes the skills he learnt in the rough-and-tumble startup world – “dream big, start small, move fast and fail fast” – help him do his job better.

Innovation in family firms: A missed opportunity?

Here in Asia, family firms are a prominent feature of the business landscape, but are they better at innovating; or, because of the way they are run, are they more likely to lag behind?

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Sirius Venture Capital's founder and managing director, Eugene Wong, shares anecdotes from his journey in venture capital - investments that were hits and others that were not, and how these have...

5 pitfalls to avoid for FMCG brands in developing Asia

WITH their huge and expanding consumer population and rising incomes, Asia's developing markets may be the most promising place on Earth to sell fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). But for too many...

Making innovation a priority at board level

SHOULD boards hold themselves accountable for making innovation work? According to IMD Professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps, innovation needs to be part of a board's governance mission. For him,...

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Here's a round-up of some of our most-read stories on SMEs and cashflow management.

Using data analytics to raise productivity and profitability: 4 key steps for SMEs

IT IS widely believed that effective data analysis may create new business opportunities as technological advancement may offer companies greater ability to predict what their customers want.