Helping tech start-ups secure government projects

An initiative to help tech start-ups secure government tenders has enabled about 75 firms to win more than $430 million worth of deals in the past five years that they might otherwise have missed...

Economic Affairs: The tricks companies play online

They take advantage of consumer biases, but now face pushback.

Not enough businesses are prepared for a downturn

DESPITE a long run of strong economic growth in Singapore and South-east Asia, the next global recession will have serious effects here.

Singapore firms can tap EU expertise in urban sustainability

KEPPEL Corporation unit Keppel Seghers houses its engineering centre in a cosy former brewery in Belgium, while its Singapore team oversees operations and project management aspects of the company...

Going by design

In a competitive market, user-centric design sets a product apart from its competitors and helps a brand stand out.

Making space for the arts

Cultural infrastructure is important in building international competitiveness and providing a fresh identity.

Feature-laden & flexible business telephony

FOR many years, firms large, medium and small have been using Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), which serve as a company’s private telephone network for both internal and external...

Boost your business

If you are finding the current business landscape hard going, there are growth hacking tips that may help.

Working in a safe space

SMEs can embrace the digital economy without increasing digital risk.

Opportunities in Vietnam abound

ENTERPRISE Singapore's regional director (Ho Chi Minh City) Leon Cai, and regional director (Hanoi) Hong Anh Bui Thi identify some of the key developments in Vietnam's startup scene and explain...