Three trends shaping taxation for businesses

THE PACE of change in the tax landscape has been unrelenting and the changes are fundamentally and permanently altering the way businesses and individuals deal with taxation.

How technology will power a modern Singapore construction industry

THE Singapore government's Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for the construction sector is more than a vision for the sector's future. It is a survival plan. It is a timely and necessary response...

Challenges new and old confronting SMEs

By all accounts the economy had a stellar year in 2017 but many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) missed out on the gains, so hopes are high that the benefits might finally start trickling...

Bosses and CEOs, your social media accounts are not personal

Hat Salesman. That’s how Elon Musk describes himself on his Twitter bio – even if the entrepreneur with dreams of cosmic...

Getting through the year

THERE is little doubt that 2017 has been one of the more interesting years for the Singapore economy. While it was not plagued by big economic or financial upheavals, the rise of economic...

Property data

A list of asking rents for office and industrial spaces, and sales caveats.

Small business, big disruption

AS Singapore goes Smart, SMEs have to redouble their digitalisation efforts

Behind the warm welcome

A hotel management agreement defines the scope and breath of the legal and commercial relationship between a hotel owner and a hotel operator, and SMEs should not take the negotiations of such a...

Newly registered companies (September-October 2017)

A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.

Can tax strategies be part of companies' growth plans?

THE EY Growth Barometer 2017 found that Singapore's middle-market companies are very bullish about growth. 15 per cent of Singapore respondents expected growth of 26 per cent or more in the coming...