The challenges of leading a team when the chips are down

In a coaching conversation with a CEO, the recent SMRT challenges surfaced. How, over the last several months, there have been so many negative customer experiences, with a new problem surfacing...

Three ways for SMEs to navigate this new era of retail

Solid strategies are required to navigate this new era of retail, given that the challenges and volatility facing retailers are far from over.

Property data

A list of asking rents for office and industrial spaces, and sales caveats.

Newly registered companies (July-August 2017)

A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.

How SMEs in Singapore can navigate these common employment law pitfalls

EMPLOYMENT law issues, if handled wrongly or poorly, may cause a business and its owners to suffer a range of unpleasant consequences - from crippling law suits to investigations and sanctions...

Towards a better customer experience

"CLOSER and further” is what Anthony Poh, managing director of Chee Fatt Co Pte Ltd, wants to achieve with his clients.

Cashless payments will succeed only if customers find it easy to use

THE launch of NetsPay in Singapore last week will give a big push to Singapore's drive to become a cashless society. The Republic's leading payment network, backed by the three local banking...

A good dose of digital is what healthcare needs

THE health of Singaporeans was one of the topics in the Prime Minister's 2017 National Day Rally speech. Lee Hsien Loong touched on the growing epidemic of diabetes in the nation and how it will...

Would Mittelstand make America great again?

IN the past decades, US economic growth has been achieved by driving down costs through outsourcing and by keeping wages low through globalisation. A harsh lesson learnt during the 2008 crisis was...

How Asean can unlock promise of artificial intelligence

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is still in its early stages in South-east Asia: the use of one common type of AI - machine learning, where machines are fed data to learn from - is just beginning to...