How SMEs can optimise cash flow with right processes

The Working Capital Loan programme was introduced at Budget 2016 to address small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) near-term cash flow concerns and growth financing needs during this period of...

Customs & regulations: 5 tips on growing a business beyond Singapore

ONCE businesses have established themselves in Singapore, the next phase of growth is likely to involve regional - if not international - expansion.

Weekend Picks (June 10-11): Women entrepreneurs / When to give up / Recommended podcasts

Why women don't see themselves as entrepreneurs / When is it time to call it quits on your business? / Why startups shouldn't chase media buzz / How retailers are watching shoppers' emotions/ 5...

Data at the heart of SMEs' business

MUCH like the human heart, data is what keeps the digital and customer-led economy pumping.

The power of one: how small changes can net a big impact

AS technology innovations continue to impact an increasing number of industries at breakneck speed, it is imperative for businesses to keep abreast with one of the key growth drivers - human...

Can a modern data centre help SMEs in a digital economy?

IT'S no secret that Singapore's economy has been a pillar of strength in a time of subdued global sentiment in the past year.

Three ways small businesses can use technology to drive growth 

When was the last time you picked up a phone book or directory? Probably, not recently. With the huge rise in accessibility to the internet, most...

Cybersecurity: weighing security, convenience, and costs

Individual users were not the only ones guilty of cyber complacency. According to a poll done by professional services consultancy Accenture, 77 percent of 2500 senior executives surveyed felt...

How to sell stuff to the millennial customer

WHY are millennials getting so much attention these days? The obvious answer is that this generation is now the largest population worldwide.

The opportunities and pitfalls of expanding beyond Singapore

THERE has been a clarion call for more Singapore businesses to internationalise, expanding beyond the home market. The Business Times posed questions to industry leaders to understand the...