Evolving with the Asean Economic Community

SMEs are consistently referenced throughout the latest AEC Blueprint which seeks to promote productivity, technology and innovation among these companies.

The workplace of the future

Office developments will become more flexible, efficient as well as sustainable, while promoting employee well-being.

Rents for office and industrial space

A list of asking rents for office and industrial space, and sales caveats.

The Hub's Group: How a Singapore company is flourishing in India

When it comes to business opportunities in Asia, India definitely holds appeal for Singapore companies. It's the world's fastest growing big economy and has the largest youth population on Earth....

How late-stage investors are changing the game for mature startups

SO you've successfully developed a concept, built a working model that generates revenue and your numbers suggest that you're on to something - that holy grail of a "product-market fit". You have...

Four mistakes SMEs make in planning for future leadership

FOR many SMEs, planning for future leadership is still a new idea - too often, planning for the next generation leader is considered premature, falling among other non-immediate concerns.

SMEs get multi-agency support

We thank Mr Raymond Koh Bock Swi ( SMEs cannot thrive if forced to go it...

How SMEs can optimise cash flow with right processes

The Working Capital Loan programme was introduced at Budget 2016 to address small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) near-term cash flow concerns and growth financing needs during this period of...

Customs & regulations: 5 tips on growing a business beyond Singapore

ONCE businesses have established themselves in Singapore, the next phase of growth is likely to involve regional - if not international - expansion.

Weekend Picks (June 10-11): Women entrepreneurs / When to give up / Recommended podcasts

Why women don't see themselves as entrepreneurs / When is it time to call it quits on your business? / Why startups shouldn't chase media buzz / How retailers are watching shoppers' emotions/ 5...