Is there still value in cryptocurrencies?

A FLURRY of initial coin offerings (ICO), beginning late last year saw billions of dollars being pumped into the purchase of digital currencies issued by startups aiming to raise funding for...

My love-hate relationship with innovations and sharing economy

Ten months ago, I professed in this column my love for shared bike services in Singapore, how these bright yellow and orange bicycles have given me a newfound sense of agency as a commuter by...

Scrapping retirement: the case for tapping the senior workforce

In today's workplace, more companies are asking their older employees if they want to retire - if at all. And the economics seem to support retention - rather than retirement or retrenchment - of...

Money FM podcast: Mind Your Business: Getting MNCs and startups together

Barbara Guerpillon, director of Unilever Foundry for SEA & Australia, joins us to discuss how corporations and MNCs can work hand-in-hand with the world’s growing startup community.

Blockchain technology giving smaller countries the chance to leapfrog bigger rivals

SOONER or later, disruptive technologies find a home. The industry supporting blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies has become an international business, and an international race...

The blue economy and seasteading: A key growth driver for Singapore

SINGAPORE is well-positioned to capitalise on the convergence of the growing blue economy and the emergence of seasteading, with the potential to become a prime mover in the development of...

Singapore wins when SMEs cooperate

Competition is an act of self-interest, but cooperation might well represent the longer runway of enlightened self-interest.

Integrating bricks & clicks

Technology investment ought to be among the top priorities of mall owners.

Investing in Myanmar – not when but how

From a macroeconomic perspective, Myanmar still remains one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

SMEs ho-hum about 2019 outlook; more look to Asean for opportunities

CAUTION appears to be the pervading sentiment among Singapore businesses as external uncertainties such as the US-China trade war, rising interest rates and slowing global growth weigh on their...