Going niche to drum up mall business

The future of strata-titled malls is fast taking shape: out go rows of old-school mom-and-pop shops selling textiles, shoes, clothes and provisions; in come gleaming art galleries, bustling co-...

Chinese language, business culture courses available

New initiatives unveiled yesterday will help Singaporeans brush up on their Chinese language and business culture skills.

Money FM podcast: Mind Your Business – How SMEs can grow faster and better

Shahid Nizami, managing director for Asia Pacific at HubSpot, passionately believes in aiding SMEs to realise their full potential.

The importance of championing skills development to remain competitive

The current business environment presents both challenges and opportunities for employers. The pace of innovation and emergence of disruptive...

Money FM podcast: Mind Your Business – How SMEs can grow not just faster but better too

What does weaker external growth in emerging markets mean for the SME sector here? How can they grow better rather than just faster?

Nurturing Singapore's gems of enterprise

IT IS always heart-warming to travel overseas and see a familiar local brand - I have had kaya toast from Ya Kun in Yangon, chilli crab at Jumbo in Shanghai and sushi from Ichiban Boshi in Kuala...

Ensuring a healthy outlook for local firms

"ACCELERATING Growth, Innovating for Tomorrow" - the theme for this year's Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards comes as a timely reminder of the pertinent puzzle pieces that our local enterprises must put...

A digital enterprise lives long and prospers

SUSTAINABLE growth is the goal of every business. And to survive the test of time, entrepreneurs need to act on digitalisation in order to drive innovative processes, products and services that...

Going places while looking ahead

BUSINESS transformation might sound like a daunting endeavour for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but it does not always have to be a single big-bang process, according to Alan Lee...

The power of innovation

FOR innovation to mean something to any enterprise, it starts with the leaders and employees having the end in mind and challenging the status quo.