New digital solution to help manage inventory

Checking invoices is a big part of restaurateur Russell Yu's day, and he is hoping that a new digital solution he signed up for last month can ease the process of tallying prices.

DBS matches bank and its customers with startups to solve business pain points

DBS Bank on Tuesday launched Startup Xchange, a programme matching the bank and its enterprise clients with startups and their new technologies so as to find solutions to business problems.

Collaborations key to going global

INTERNATIONALISATION has been a focus of Singapore and local enterprises for decades. In fact, Singapore companies engaged in overseas business activity has risen to an all-time high (83 per cent...

Report: London, Singapore excel as fintech hubs

SINGAPORE and London make for successful fintech hubs because of a confluence of five key factors - markets, talent, capital, regulation and government support.

Minimum wage vs Progressive Wage Model: Debate over best way to lift pay of low-wage workers

Some have called for a minimum wage, but the Government has said its Progressive Wage Model works better.

Legacy planning in the millennial age

IN most of Asia's young economies where over 85 per cent of billionaires are first-generation business owners, these individuals will soon be engaging in the first handover of wealth to their...

Staying ahead of the curve

Winners of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 awards share their thoughts on innovating to manage disruption.

Co-working space a living lab for solutions

MEMBERS of co-working space provider District6 would have recently seen their environs outfitted with gadgets and gizmos ranging from the latest large-format monitors from Dell to ceiling sensors...

Why successful innovation needs data and purpose

FEW business leaders today will deny that innovation is a business imperative. Many are investing in internal innovation hothouses or funding startups, which has been useful in tapping into and...

Asians drive boom in global billionaire wealth

BILLIONAIRE wealth posted its "greatest ever" increase last year, rising 19 per cent to US$8.9 trillion, thanks to robust growth in the Asia-Pacific - in particular, China.