How to show appreciation, even if you are the office Grinch

AN older business owner once pulled me aside to express her bewilderment that young people apparently all want a pat on the back for doing a good job at work.

Manufacturing: In artificial intelligence, small solutions win big

A NEW generation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will prove themselves in 2019. They will build new trust, urgency and understanding of what 'AI' actually is, and just how much it can...

Locating and refining the black gold of the digital economy

LOCATING oil is tougher than it looks. Geologists interpret rock surfaces and soil types via a combination of shallow drilling, satellite imagery, gravity methods or seismology. It's a long and...

Counterfeit goods capital morphs into innovation hub

Mr Zhao Wanqiu walks through the maze of stalls piled high with electronic components at one of Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei electronic markets, wearing a look of expectation.

Money FM podcast: Mind Your Business: People analytics to reduce employee turnover rates

What is the role technology can play in helping companies optimise their most expensive asset – people? And has the HR space been slow to adopt tech?

Singapore sprouts innovation centres

PUTTING on your thinking cap? Some professionals can now do so in dedicated "innovation centres", which are springing up islandwide. At least 25 such facilities have opened since last year, with...

Plan unveiled to help the media industry become digital-ready

SMALL-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as professionals in the media industry can now access a step-by-step guide to see how they can develop their digital capabilities and get advice...

Is Singapore too risk-averse for the digital age?

Singapore is justly renowned the world over for its many public policy successes, particularly in the realms of education and planning. The country boasts world-renowned universities, and younger...

Going niche to drum up mall business

The future of strata-titled malls is fast taking shape: out go rows of old-school mom-and-pop shops selling textiles, shoes, clothes and provisions; in come gleaming art galleries, bustling co-...

Chinese language, business culture courses available

New initiatives unveiled yesterday will help Singaporeans brush up on their Chinese language and business culture skills.