Helping start-ups grow and flourish

The number of start-ups has mushroomed over the past few years, but experts and company founders say they still face many challenges and that more needs to be done to support young enterprises....

Corporate big fish must swim smarter, not just faster, to surf startup wave

CORPORATIONS need to be strategic in engaging startups, and not rush headlong into securing partnerships, said panellists at the RISE Corporate Innovation Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday...

Customising AI strategies through experiments

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is not being implemented optimally in South-east Asia. While AI adoption rates across the region have risen to 14 per cent in 2018 from just 8 per cent the year before...

ST Podcast: How you can fund your retirement systematically with equities or stocks

Every Monday, The Straits Times and The Business Times break down financial tips so you can take action after listening to our podcast episodes.

Singaporeans need to think bigger: Tech investor

In Silicon Valley, where rags-to-riches stories of tech gurus are told in every cafe, the one about the carpet merchant who became a tech investor may have been overlooked.

Fat cats or top dogs: Is the Singapore CEO overpaid?

THE recent revelation that the head honcho of Hyflux (together with other top executives) continued to make millions while the troubled water treatment firm was drowning in debt sent shock waves...

Why SMEs should harness the power of analytics

Gibu Mathew, Vice President, and GM, Asia Pacific, Zoho Corp

Singapore co-working space reaches next level of luxury

THE Great Room's co-working space in Singapore's Centennial Tower doesn't look like your average office. The floor is marble, the finishings are brushed gold and there's coconut water in the...

Is venture money masking an untenable on-demand delivery gig?

SINCE end-2015, food-delivery platform foodpanda has grown its base of delivery persons more than six times to over 6,000, the company's Singapore managing director Luc Andreani said.

To build an international business, it's about growing better, not faster

STARTING a business has never been easier, but scaling one has never been harder. For those that do succeed in their home markets, formulating plans to expand overseas is often the next step in...