The SME Magazine (March/April 2019)

Transforming logistics

Game-changers in the logistics ecosystem are turning to digitalisation and talent development.

Driven by a vision

In using a digital platform to add a touch of modernity, Haulio’s Alvin Ea is hauling the logistics industry into a new era.

Why standards matter in the food industry

Standards lay the foundation for innovation, developing new products and adopting new technologies, and can also facilitate market access.

With personal data comes great responsibility

With the rise of the digital marketplace, Singapore businesses should be mindful in handling their online transactions and interactions with customers and their personal data.

Does coworking work for you?

Jumping on the flexible workspace bandwagon can help firms to trim cost, raise productivity, recruit talent and network more efficiently.

Keeping your cool while cutting costs

Barghest Building Performance CEO Poyan Rajamand shares how his startup has been helping companies save on energy costs by fine-tuning aircon systems using data analytics.

Fostering creativity for business

To grow its economy, Singapore needs creativity in the form of fresh ideas and perspectives, new business processes or even entirely new business models.