The SME Magazine (May/June 2018)

The dos and dont's of disciplining employees

The investigative and disciplinary process can be a minefield for unprepared employers.

Building blocks for the future

Blockchain technology can reduce the time taken for a real estate transaction while retaining the required level of trust.

Future shines bright for Sunseap Group

The future looks bright for clean energy solutions provider Sunseap Group with the changing shift in consumer sentiment and new developments in the industry.

Startup Eatsy offers hassle-free experience for diners

Eatsy makes dining out easy with an app that offers a hassle-free experience for diners, while capturing valuable patron data for restaurants.

The business of conscience

A manufacturer that makes 100 per cent food-digestible disposable tableware and a technology company that designs and implements regenerative urban solutions are conducting their business in a...

Greenology's road to sustainability

Greenology is an SME that specialises in urban greenery. Founder and managing director Veera Sekaran shares his journey to sustainability.

What SMEs can gain from sustainability

Being sustainable encompasses social and economic aspects that affect an SME's stakeholders and the wider community in which it operates.

Governance in the digital age

A succeeding generation of leaders needs to be equipped with the right skills to navigate the digital economy.

Sustainability pays for SMEs

The year is almost at the halfway mark, and lots of exciting developments have since taken place that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should be excited about.