The SME Magazine (November/December 2018)

Serving Up A Track Record Of Growth

FOOD services company Koufu Group has expanded steadily over the past 16 years to manage a range of food and beverage businesses located primarily in Singapore.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

E-commerce platforms offer opportunities for SME retailers to catch the e-commerce wave and even help them build capabilities in order to scale up.

Helping retailers grow

Wendy Chen, CEO and founder of Omnistream, shares how its technology services for retailers can help them grow.

Small but spunky

The bosses of Kimoj and Youprint talk about the grit needed to stay ahead of the pack.

Embarking on the IPO journey

Going public is a major business consideration, and the decisions taken on the journey can significantly impact the business.

A bright future ahead

SINCE it was established over 50 years ago, Singapore-based gold chain maker Unigold International has had to pivot several times to navigate changing business conditions and customer demands....

In his shoes

"GOOD shoes take you good places” is an apt description of the life journey of Tom Ng, founder and director of women’s shoe label Pazzion. Indeed...