The rise of Silicon Valley's new breed of entrepreneurs

RILEY Newman, a former head of data science at Airbnb, set out in mid-2017 to raise a venture capital fund that would invest in a multitude of tech trends.

Airbnb to start testing prototype homes in 2019

AIRBNB will begin testing prototype homes as soon as next year to accommodate the needs of owners or occupants who rent and share living spaces.

Airbnb hires Amazon veteran as CFO ahead of IPO plans

HOME-RENTING company Airbnb on Monday hired veteran Dave Stephenson as chief financial officer, ahead of a widely anticipated initial public offering next year.

How the founders of Airbnb became billionaires

A decade ago a pair of San Francisco roommates decided to make rent money. The rest, as they say, is history.

当导游让旅客体验狮城 退休德士司机为慈善带团


Singapore-based companies are going big on tiny houses

In crowded cities where space is a premium, shoebox apartments are a reality for many people. But what about going further and living in a house that is barely larger than the size of a bedroom...

Singapore company Big Tiny offers eco-friendly 'tiny houses' for sale; buyers rent them out in scenic spots

SINGAPORE - A new company founded by three Singaporean entrepreneurs allows homebuyers to buy an eco-friendly "tiny house" on wheels and rent it out to tourists in scenic locations overseas.