The Chang family built Forever 21, and fuelled its collapse

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - When Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy last month, the fast fashion chain described its history in documents that read, at times, like a pitch for a memoir or a Netflix special...

Forever 21 owners took $14m loan from children

NEW YORK • As Forever 21's botched international expansion morphed into a money-loser, its owners turned to a funding source less likely to say no: their own children.

US retailer's bankruptcy filing shows limits of fast fashion

Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21, which has filed for bankruptcy, joins a growing list of brick-and-mortar companies that have seen sales hit by the rise of competition from online sellers like...

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy: 5 things to know about the fashion chain's founders

Fast-fashion chain Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy on Sunday (Sept 29), joining a list of brick-and-mortar retailers that have shuttered amid competition from online stores and changing shopping...

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, adding to retail apocalypse

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) - Forever 21 Inc filed for bankruptcy protection, adding another big fashion merchant to the tally of retailers who couldn't cope with high rents and heavy competition.

Hour Glass co-founder loses bankruptcy appeal

Jannie Chan Siew Lee, co-founder of mainboard-listed luxury timepieces retailer The Hour Glass, had her appeal against a bankruptcy order dismissed by the High Court yesterday.

Hour Glass co-founder Jannie Chan seeks stay of bankruptcy order; owes moneylender over $4m

The Hour Glass co-founder Jannie Chan has been made a bankrupt for owing a licensed moneylender more than $4.15 million.

New plan to avoid Hyflux liquidation being worked out: Sias

A new plan is on the table for debt-stricken Hyflux that could see it avoid liquidation and keep the 34,000 retail investors "whole in its books", an investor watchdog said yesterday.

Hyflux investors claw back bigger compensation sum

The 34,000-strong group of Hyflux perpetual securities and preference shareholders who are owed $900 million have succeeded in getting a bigger recovery after senior unsecured creditors agreed to...

Hyflux retail investors get bigger cash recovery after senior creditors give up part of their share

The 34,000-strong group of Hyflux perpetual securities and preference shareholders are owed $900 million.

Hyflux retail investors want fairer share of assets: Sias

Disgruntled retail investors holding Hyflux perpetual securities and preference shares have come up with an alternative proposal that could claw back more money for the 34,000-strong group that is...