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Money FM podcast: How data will be the competitive advantage for SMEs

We speak to Kevin Fitzgerald, managing director – Asia at Xero about how data will be the competitive advantage in the digital economy for SMEs.

'Smart cities' urged to look beyond rich, white men

[BARCELONA] A growing push to put cities on a digital path to a greener future risks excluding groups like the poorest, disabled and elderly, and will fail to benefit those people unless...

Driving fleets through Singapore's digital revolution

THE fleet landscape in Singapore - from hawker food deliveries to ride-sharing services - has seen tremendous growth in the past five years. In fact, the Singapore e-commerce market - a major...

Money FM podcast: Mind Your Business: Is Singapore a global-Asia node of tech, innovation and enterprise?

How can Singapore solidify its position as a global-Asia node of technology, innovation and enterprise?

Why these startups bike the bullet

RECENTLY the three-way bike-sharing war in Singapore notched up a gear as ofo raised US$700 million in Series E funding, Mobike unveiled new bicycles and oBike declared that it has local advantage...

Oh Brother, Big Data

WALLS are popular these days, and Andreas Weigend knows all about them. In 1949, the East German's father was thrown into jail by the government on suspicions of being an American spy - likely...

MasterCard, IBM to offer big data analytics to smaller merchants

MASTERCARD and IBM on Wednesday said they will partner to offer smaller merchants with big data analytics.