Bynd Artisan

Bynd Artisan co-founders say working together strengthens their marriage

Other couples may baulk at the idea of working together, but Ms Winnie Chan and Mr James Quan say being business partners has strengthened their marriage.

Bynd Artisan updates book-binding for the smartphone age

MEMBERS of the digital tribe work, live and play with their smartphones and digital devices, clicking and swiping through the choices they make. Local brand Bynd Artisan, however, is trying to...

Giving hope to traditional businesses

STEP into Bynd Artisan's new atelier at Raffles City and what greets you is their signature display of rainbow-coloured paper and customised notebooks, stacked fastidiously alongside well-crafted...

Bynd Artisan founders Winnie Chan and James Quan detail the bookbinding atelier’s success

The scented candle on their bedroom balcony is lit. Their whiskies of choice – Lagavulin on the rocks for him and a Japanese highball for her –...


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