Car dealer Karz says it is still operating

A second-hand car dealer that was thought to have closed suddenly and left its customers in the lurch said it was still operating, and Singapore's consumer watchdog said it expects Karz Automobile...

Made-in-Singapore sports car set to hit the road in 2023

Start-up Catalyst Motors is in the final stages of building a rolling chassis which will be used for its prototype - a classic-style two-door sports car.

Views divided on call bookings, surge pricing: LTA on feedback for taxi, private-hire operators

Point-to-point (P2P) transport providers such as taxi and private-hire firms should not lower fares too much to gain market share. They should not jack up fares too much during peak periods. Taxi...

Grab users can soon cancel rides within 5 minutes for free but will be charged $4 thereafter under new policy

Currently, users can cancel up to two rides for free within a seven-day period, after which a charge of $5 will be imposed for each cancellation.

Toyota to supply Grab with hybrid cars fitted with 'black box' recorders

Fleet of 1,500 will have black-box recorders to help the Japanese carmaker gain insights into how its cars are being used.

Tech glitch freezes Grab fares at $6

Ride-hailing firm Grab's app was hit by a technical glitch yesterday afternoon, resulting in a $6 fare for all trips.

Glitch freezes all Grab fares at $6

Drivers, who posted about the issue on Facebook, said the glitch happened at around 3.25pm Thursday, causing many to cancel longer trips.

Uber's unhired fleet floods used-car market

However, industry watchers and consumers worry that the deluge will have an impact on new-and used-car sales.

Opportunity for independent workshops after removal of warranty curbs

Now that they do not have to worry about having their car warranties voided by authorised dealers, some motorists are opting to take their vehicles to independent workshops.

COE prices edge up in most categories

Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices ended mostly higher in the latest tender yesterday, arresting a downtrend which started more than a year ago.

COE prices end mostly higher

SINGAPORE - Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices ended mostly higher in the latest tender on Wednesday (April 18), slowing down a downtrend which started more than a year ago.