PayNow to be extended to businesses, public agencies

BUSINESSES will soon be able to receive payments from other businesses and even consumers through homegrown funds transfer tool PayNow, announced Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-Charge of the...

Singapore not going cashless 'for its own sake' but for economic competitiveness: Vivian Balakrishnan

SINGAPORE is not going cashless "for its own sake", but to enhance the competitiveness of its economy, said Vivian Balakrishnan, minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative, at the Committee...

Swedes now at risk of losing access to cash in parts of country

PEOPLE living in the world's most cashless society may soon lose their access to notes and coins.

Paying with bitcoin comes at hefty cost; use still far from widespread

AT Melt Bakery, a hole in the wall that sells ice cream sandwiches in New York's upscale Manhattan neighbourhood, you can pay for your guilty pleasure in bitcoin.

Nets to score home run with S$30m investment in cashless platform

NETS - the payment services group owned by DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and United Overseas Bank - said on Monday that it will invest more than S$30 million to launch a unified e-payments platform in...

Grab launches GrabPay to eateries and retailers

SINGAPORE is yet another step closer to a cashless society, as Grab on Wednesday launched its mobile wallet service GrabPay to merchants.

25 hawker stalls, shops in Singapore accept payments via GrabPay

STARTING Wednesday, consumers can use GrabPay - the mobile wallet solution by Grab - to pay at 25 hawker stalls, restaurants and retail shops in Singapore.

When a cluttered counter obstructed cashless payments

LAST week, I picked up a bottle of hair conditioner and some mouthwash at a pharmacy. As I waited in line at the cashier, I was pondering the different ways that I could pay for my items - which...

Many recipes but Singapore's cashless appetite still not sated

TOO many cooks are spoiling the broth in Singapore's pursuit of a cashless society. Competition among e-payment players will improve user experience, certainly, but Singapore does not need another...

Nets to roll out digital wallet app NetsPay

NETS will launch a digital wallet in the form of a mobile app called NetsPay next month, through which consumers can create and store digital versions of their ATM bank cards for cashless payments on...