The panhandler's lament: In an increasingly cashless world, fewer have a dime to spare

JOHN Sullivan wears a giant foam hat in the shape of a whale. It works well as a conversation starter when he panhandles on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street in Georgetown. But one hot...

New Payments Council to plot S'pore's cashless drive

THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has roped in representatives from several tech companies into its newly formed payments council, as its members look at how to build a cashless society in...

E-payments in Singapore get a Stripe fillip

ADVANCEMENTS in digital payments shaped Singapore's payments landscape in July, allowing many Internet businesses to sell to a wider audience and more quickly adapt to "new retail", a phenomenon...

DBS, OCBC update take-up rates of cashless payments initiatives

DBS Bank and OCBC Bank have issued press releases updating the take-up rates of cashless payments initiatives.

In urban China, cash is increasingly becoming an obsolete commodity

THERE is an audacious economic experiment happening in China.