创办人从装修房子萌生创业念头, 我国家具电商平台Castlery短短几年间不仅在本地建立忠实消费群,如今更走出国门,进军澳大利亚市场。

Multipotentialite and his businesses

Multipotentialite may be a multisyllabic mouthful, but it's a term that perfectly fits Declan Ee, one of those annoyingly good-at-everything guys whose personal and professional interests span...

Castlery plugs a gap in furniture industry

AFTER various attempts at startups, Castlery Pte Ltd co-founder Declan Ee finally found success in the form of e-commerce designer furniture.

Turning the tables: Journey East, Castlery share their stories

Two very different furniture retail stores in Singapore, Journey East and Castlery, share what they do - from selling uniquely designed furniture to building its own supply chain - in order to...

Online furniture shop Castlery finds niche between mass market and luxury offerings

Looking back on Mr Declan Ee's pursuits, the 34-year-old's career trajectory has hardly been predictable.

Local furniture firm Castlery partners international designers for new collection

Home-grown furniture company Castlery had designed all its products in-house since it started four years ago, but has now branched out to work with international designers.