Teaching young to recognise fake news major challenge: Chun Sing

Singapore's biggest challenge is to educate young people to differentiate fake news from real news, Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said yesterday.

Singapore firm's AI machine trumps doctors in test

It was a match that until the final moments seemed like it could swing either way.

China's penetration of Silicon Valley creates risks for start-ups

SAN FRANCISCO - Danhua Capital has invested in some of Silicon Valley's most promising start-ups in areas like drones, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The venture capital firm is based...

Singapore firm to launch 'AI doctor' in China

An artificial intelligence (AI) machine developed by a Singapore firm is making the tedious process of diagnosing a brain tumour easier and less prone to human error.

China turns granary, cement factory into tech hubs

HANGZHOU • When Canadian Nikk Mitchell wanted to start his virtual reality (VR) company in June last year, he headed not for tech hub Silicon Valley in the United States, but Hangzhou in China....

Boat drones propel one of China's hottest start-ups

ZHUHAI (BLOOMBERG) - In the vast, freezing Ross Sea, China's "Snow Dragon" icebreaker needed to find a safe anchorage before it could begin its mission to set up China's fifth Antarctic research...

In Silicon Valley, Chinese 'accelerators' aim to bring startups home

Beijing's unslakeable thirst for the latest technology has spurred a proliferation of "accelerators" in Silicon Valley that aim to identify promising startups and bring them to China.

Malaysia GE a wake-up call on China projects

Last week's Malaysian election result is sending shock waves across the region, not least in China. The surprise outcome is now likely to see a partial reversal of Malaysia's recent ardently pro-...

Close look at China's high-tech retail scene

A Singapore business delegation is visiting cities in the Yangtze River Delta this week to experience first-hand how Chinese retailers are using technology to transform the industry. The retail...

Kinofy Group launches e-commerce platform to help companies enter China market

KINOFY Group, a spinoff of health and beauty company Kino Biotech Group, has officially launched a cross-border e-commerce platform for Singapore businesses and other international brand owners to...