SME business sentiment sinks to record low in Singapore on Covid-19 uncertainties

SINGAPORE - Business sentiment for the next six months at Singapore's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) plunged to the lowest ever amid the Covid-19-induced uncertainty over prospects of...

Construction companies struggle to get back on track amid Covid-19 pandemic

While some bigger firms had resources to tide over the circuit breaker and prepare for reopening, smaller firms are facing the financial squeeze of not having enough work and yet having to pay...

Some new Quick Build Dorms can be completed in four months

Instead of the one or two years that will typically be required for a building project of similar scale, some of the new Quick Build Dormitories (QBDs) announced by the multi-ministry Covid-19...

Coronavirus: Dorm operators expect changes to push up costs by at least 50%

New standards for migrant worker dormitories will enhance workers' well-being, said dormitory operators here, but will come at a cost increase of at least 50 per cent to implement in existing...

Essential projects restart but most construction work to resume gradually

After an eight-week break, workers from a few essential infrastructure projects led by building solutions group ISOTeam will be returning to their work sites today.

Stay-home notice for construction sector extended till May 18

THE stay-home notice (SHN) period for work permit holders and S Pass holders in the construction industry has been extended from May 4 to May 18.

Relief measures reprieve for builders, but month-long shutdown a dampener

AS the circuit breaker measures kick in, the engineering and construction industry is likely to be hard hit, even as the government rolls out new relief measures to cushion some of the impact.

Ripple effect felt by Singapore's building sector

The coronavirus crisis has left Mr Andy Lim in limbo, wondering if he should go ahead to commit to several commercial projects that have been in discussions for the past few months.

Getting locals to take on PMET jobs in construction

Local white-collar workers appear to be shying away from the construction sector, but new policies are in the offing to lure them back.

NTU’s 3D-printing robot makes bathrooms nearly twice as fast and cheap

SINGAPORE - Bathrooms for housing units could one day be built more quickly and cheaply using 3D printing.