Lower-income hit hardest by Covid-19, as better off still buying stocks, homes, cars

COVID-19 has handed Singapore its deepest recession since the country's independence, but the pain inflicted by the pandemic has been unevenly spread.

Rapid Covid tests give hope to organisers of larger events

EVENTS businesses are welcoming the use of Covid-19 rapid tests to enable larger gatherings, such as weddings, conventions and live shows.

Pet relocation and prices surge with easing of cross-border curbs for owners

MORE pets are now jet-setting across the globe, in tow of owners who are finally travelling after Covid-19 restrictions closed off much of the world. Pet relocators told The Business Times that...

Taking pre-order route creates certainty in a pandemic

INSTEAD of slashing prices at the end of the season, fashion designer Gin Lee had an idea to bring the markdown to the start of the season, but with a catch: Customers would have to make a pre-...

Bars get innovative to mitigate sales loss from earlier closing times, capacity cuts

IT has been over three months since people were allowed back into watering holes. Still, it is far from business as usual for bar owners as they remain challenged by restrictions on group sizes...

Uncertainty looms for business interruption insurance claims

ALREADY struggling for survival amid the deepest recession in years, some business owners have also discovered in recent months that the insurance policies they bought for cover against business...

Corporate cost-cutting taking the sweet out of mooncakes

THE upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival will not be as sweet for mooncake sellers as previous years, with corporate sales tapering off amid Covid-19.

SIA pilots taking deeper pay cuts to avert layoffs

SINGAPORE Airlines' (SIA) local pilots will take additional pay cuts to stave off lay-offs as the carrier restructures to rightsize its operations.

Covid-19 turmoil creates fresh openings for new startups

THE economic downturn can in fact be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, startup veterans and investors tell The Business Times. While funding may be tougher to secure, new...

F&B staff crunch returns along with business pickup

AS business activity picks up, the food and beverage (F&B) industry is facing a manpower crunch - an aftermath of shrinking their workforce at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Accidental mavens

IT can feel like the founders of 3D printing solutions provider Structo were guided by serendipity. While the team knew they wanted to focus on 3D printing, it was an accidental meeting with a...