Job seekers in Singapore willing to accept lower pay as Covid-19 pandemic hits hard

Nearly 50 per cent of 373 respondents in a recent poll said they were open to taking positions offering less than their last salary.

Freelancers face lower-than-usual fees as businesses slash budgets

Freelancers in fields like the arts are pleased to finally be getting back to work, but the economic downturn is putting the squeeze on their usual rates and hurting their professional pride.

Three reasons why some Singapore employees love working from home

Working from home for account executive Goh Wu Chong, 30, means sleeping in for one more hour in the morning and jumping straight into gaming after work.

Back to office, but it's so hard: Why some in Singapore are reluctant to return to the workplace

More employees have been given the green light to return to workplaces, but there are still many challenges facing companies and staff preparing to make the shift back to the office.

More people trading and investing during Covid-19 pandemic

Swings in the market caused by the uncertainty and volatility from the coronavirus pandemic have led to more people getting into the stock market and starting their investment journey.

Pandemic takes a toll on weddings

After planning their wedding for a year, Mr Devan Lakshamanan, 34, and Ms Vanitha Jayakumar, 31, were informed at the last minute by the Registry of Marriages (ROM) that their solemnisation on...

Emerging Stronger Taskforce focused on economic recovery

The 17-member Emerging Stronger Taskforce was set up to guide the country's economic recovery from Covid-19, which is why only certain economic sectors are represented, said Minister for National...

Tech sector hiring people from varied backgrounds

As a senior director at a cyber security start-up, Ms Ivy Wong leads a team to develop strategy and sales plans for services related to everything from malware analysis to cyber forensics.

Construction companies struggle to get back on track amid Covid-19 pandemic

While some bigger firms had resources to tide over the circuit breaker and prepare for reopening, smaller firms are facing the financial squeeze of not having enough work and yet having to pay...

Playing tourists at home

After four years of propelling the Republic's tourism sector to record heights, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) now faces the daunting challenge of courting its toughest audience yet:...

3 in 4 small firms in S'pore satisfied with relief aid: Poll

About three in four small companies in Singapore, or 72 per cent, are satisfied with the relief measures rolled out by the Government to help them cope with the economic fallout due to Covid-19,...