Five tips to protect against ransomware targeting SMEs

DHARMA, a family of ransomware that was first spotted in 2016 and targets mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), remains active in 2020...

SMEs appear ill-prepared for greater risks of cyberattacks as online workforce rises

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises face greater risks of cyber attacks and data breaches than they realise, as more of their employees work from home during the pandemic.

Remote working creates higher risk of online attacks for firms: specialists

REMOTE working can expand the attack surface that threat actors can target, making businesses more susceptible to cyber attacks, say industry specialists.

MAS seeks more teeth to regulate financial services amid emerging cyber risks

THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is proposing new laws that will give it more teeth to regulate financial services in the Republic amid emerging risks, such as those brought on by the...

Cyber resilience key as SMEs step up digitalisation efforts

AS more and more Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore step up their digitalisation efforts with the help of government grants, it is important not to ignore the cyber threats that they may...

Cybersecurity startup Aiculus raises US$670,000 led by Cocoon Capital, angel investor

AICULUS, a Singapore-based software security provider, has raised US$670,000 in a seed funding round led by early-stage venture capital firm Cocoon Capital and an angel investor.

Kick off the decade with a cybersecurity upgrade

FROM the cymbals and gongs of the lion dance ushering in Chinese New Year, we have moved quickly from the festivities to the sound of the alarm.

Cybersecurity: no longer a luxury, but a necessity

A common misconception is that only large multinational corporations (MNCs) face cybersecurity threats. Statistics show small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) are in fact the main targets of most...

20-65% of banks' quarterly profit at risk from full-blown direct cyberattacks: MAS study

A FULL-BLOWN direct cyberattack on a bank would cost it 20-35 per cent of quarterly profits, even when contingency measures are in place, the latest stress test by the Monetary Authority of...

Ex-Nasa, GIC tech heavyweights join Gojek and fintech startup TranSwap

RIDE-HAILING giant Gojek and fintech startup TranSwap have both named tech industry veterans to C-level roles based in Singapore, the companies announced separately on Tuesday.

Business leaders must put cybersecurity protection first

THE pace of connectivity - from businesses moving critical files to the cloud and the volume of cybersecurity threats - has put security teams under significant pressure to maintain the safety of...