Go Anywhr!

THE best things in life aren't planned - they simply just happen!

Calm does it in a calm way

WHAT do trains and a good night's sleep have in common? Apparently, stories about the former can bring about the latter.

AI is a driving force in the region

MENTION artificial intelligence (AI) at a networking event, and you will get the conversation ball rolling. Everyone has a point to make about AI - it is a fad; much feared; or simply the future.

Pitch perfect

AMBITION can look very different from one person to the next - particularly among startup founders. But when on a stage competing for the "Top Startup" award and prize money, founders can be equally...

Chaos is also needed to build a Smart Nation

CARLO Ratti is a lot of things: architect, engineer, activist, and voted one of the world's most influential designers. He runs his own design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati, and...

Taking ideas to new highs

LAST Friday, while on board a Jetstar Asia flight to Bangkok for a weekend getaway, I had my nose buried in the airline's inflight magazine. It was routine for me: I believe that beneath the wrinkled...

Silicon Sauna sojourn

IN FINLAND, you're never far from tech wonders. They can be found at the airport, at the buffet in a city hotel, and even inside a glass igloo near Santa Claus Village.

Design thinking: empathy, ambiguity and learning

TWO Mondays ago, it wasn't the quietest of weekday nights around Clarke Quay, a popular nightlife spot in Singapore. In fact, there was a real buzz inside one of my favourite Mexican joints, Cafe...

The essence of success

ONE Friday, I was on my way to dinner in an Uber when my driver asked: "Is that Dior?" I knew he was referring to my perfume, which was most definitely not Dior. So I said no. Then I paused - I wasn'...

"LinkedIn for property" app to launch in Singapore

SOHO, a property discovery app that debuted in Australia last month, will be launched in Singapore on Monday. Disrupted speaks with founder Jonathan Lui to find out how Soho plans to take on local...

The Disruptor's guide to Singapore

THIS week, Disrupted showcases some of the places in Singapore where entrepreneurs like to hang out, hustle and get inspired - informed by six startup founders who live here.