Can we kick-start the economy despite Covid-19?

With Covid-19 still raging, social distancing, which has been tightened with the circuit breaker measures, is unavoidable. But it is causing immense damage to the economy by destroying demand...

Digital banking new players' offerings likely to target SMEs and millennials

Singapore's foray into the realm of digital banking is not a fishing expedition.

Free to choose, but at what price?

Recent events such as the Hong Kong protests, suggested tax on sugar and proposed ban on personal mobility devices (PMDs), as well as the cancellation by Yale-NUS College of the "Dialogue and...

Singapore's No. 1 competitiveness ranking masks some weak spots

It must consider adopting a more liberal policy towards foreign workers, improve its shareholder governance and adopt more aggressive policies to promote the use of renewable energies, says...

Economic Affairs: The tricks companies play online

They take advantage of consumer biases, but now face pushback.

Singapore is the world's second most digitally competitive country, after the US

SINGAPORE - Singapore has retained its position as the world's second most digitally competitive country, after the United States, in the latest edition of the IMD World Digital Competitiveness...

EU to strip five countries, including Singapore, of some market access rights, FT says

This will be the first time that the access rights have been withdrawn, though temporary permissions for Switzerland were allowed to lapse earlier.

Hopes for region's Internet economy: Booming online marketplaces despite trade barriers

The region's Internet economy will grow with the right infrastructure and support in spite of rising protectionism and trade barriers, said Stripe chief business officer Billy Alvarado.

Why I would welcome virtual banks

MAS' move to allow digital-only banks in Singapore will be a big deal and will change banking in Singapore as we know it, says ST associate editor Vikram Khanna.

A 'dating' platform for banks and fintechs

It won't be long before a small, obscure bank in Cambodia, Laos or another under-banked country will have access to the same cutting edge financial innovations as the likes of Citibank, DBS and...

Counterfeit goods capital morphs into innovation hub

Mr Zhao Wanqiu walks through the maze of stalls piled high with electronic components at one of Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei electronic markets, wearing a look of expectation.